Crown Chakra

Number 7th Chakra

Location: The top of your head

Basic Issues: knowing, inspiration, spirituality, Divine connection, and enlightenment.

Colour: Indigo or white

Mantra: Om

Musical Note B

Element: Spirit

Right: The right to Know

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra completes our journey from Earth to Heaven.

It is the most difficult to write about as words cannot do it justice.  There is a silence and a stillness in this chakra and a beautiful beyond imagining.  Here there is no doing, but the sweet spot of being which is what being a “human being” is all about.  The crown chakra connects us to our spirit star and higher self.

At the third eye chakra, we want to know about spirituality; at this chakra, we want to merge with the divine and become it.  We totally surrender the ego and live in bliss as we become an instrument for the greater good and higher power.

However, there is a trap with this chakra.  The longing to be one with all can come at the determent to our physical life.  We can bliss out for hours and forget about the everyday things that need to be done.  To have happy, healthy lives here on Earth, we need all our chakras functioning.  We need to make sure that we are centred and ground to the Earth plane, or we can find ourselves happy but unable to hold down a job or keep a roof over our head.

When we have all chakras opened and balanced, we live in the best of both worlds.  We have the spiritual highs as well as taking care of the mundane.  But the fun thing is that when we are balanced and open, ordinary life is no longer mundane.  We live totally in the power of the present moment, and there is a sacredness to everything we do.  We no longer rush through life trying to get to the next task or looking forward to being able to veg out in front of the TV with a glass of wine.  Instead, each moment is perfect and precious.  We feel connected to the energy and life force of everything around us.  Doing the dishes becomes as pleasurable as having a massage.  Joy is found in simple actions as our hearts burst open with love for everything and everyone.  The act of picking up the plate and washing it becomes a meditation, as does everything else.

When we were still in the realm of our lower chakras, we would play with our children, but our minds would be on everything else we had to do and find ourselves impatient with their “immature” games.  With all our chakras open We find greater pleasure in being with our children, we can slow down and get into their world and have much more fun with them.


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