Third Eye Chakra

Number: Sixth Chakra

Location: Middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows

Basic issues: Intuition, perception, vision

Colour: Indigo

Mantra: Om

Musical note: A

Right: The right to see

Alternative Name: Brow Chakra

third eye chakra

As we step into the third eye chakra, we step further into the light, are awaken to our intuition and inspiration.  The third eye chakra is about our inner sight and visualisation.  We can open to our clairvoyance and start to see the unseen.

It is here we can become visionaries as we desire to create a better world for all.  Our ego starts to let go here as we begin to listen and act more on our higher selves’ impulses.

It is when the sixth chakra opens that we start to question the meaning of life.  Before you were satisfied with the game of life, trying to get ahead and having a comfortable life for you and your loved ones.  Now you find yourself asking “Is this all there is?  What does all this mean?  What is the point?” You may start to think that this whole earth experience is entirely pointless.  But in these questions and feeling of uneasiness, you begin to open yourself to something bigger than yourself and step into a beautiful sacred life.

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