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Solar Plexus Chakra

Properties of the Solar Plexus Chakra

Number: Third Chakra

Location: Upper abdomen

Fundamental issues: Personal power, self-esteem, strength

Colour: Yellow

Mantra: Ram

Musical note E

Right: The right to act

Solar Plexus chakra image

From the second chakra’s emotion and energy, we move up to the third chakra, where we start to take action and build our will.  And with that action, we begin to influence and create our lives.

The element of the third chakra is fire.  Fire can be anything from a tiny flickering candle, quickly snuffed out by a breath or a raging unstoppable catastrophe destroying everything in its path.  However, the fire we want in the solar plexus chakra is a nice sized well-contained fire that indiscriminately shares its warmth and light to all.  This is the balanced solar plexus chakra with a healthy ego that does not have to proof it is right or put others down.  Someone with a balanced third chakra has the courage and self-confidence to be themselves and not care what others think.  They are neither submissive nor dominating and allow those around them to simply be themselves.

We can see in the world the effects of an out of balance solar plexus chakra.  It shows up in the forms of aggression, domination, and the desire to have power and control over others.

The workaholic and highly developed A-type personality can have an overactive solar plexus chakra.   They have a powerful presence about them, and they need you to know that they have entered the room.

On the flip side, someone with an underactive third chakra will be weak-willed, easily influenced, have a victim mentality and prone to massive procrastination.   They often try to take up very little space in life and apologise for just being alive.

In a balanced state, we know when to rest and when to take appropriate action.  We don’t have to be busy for busyness sake or be continuously stuck in a state of procrastination.

A balanced third chakra gives us warmth, confidence and healthy self-esteem where we like ourselves and our place in the world

One of the things I love doing with chakras, for myself and clients, is oracle card readings.  I pick two cards per chakra the first one is what may be blocking the chakra, for a particular issue and the second card is what can help balance the chakra.  These readings to gain insights into your life or for blockages to what you want to manifest.

I wanted to start a new exercise program, but I was resisting the idea and procrastinating.  So I did a chakra reading to see if I could get some insight into what was going on.  I had to giggle at the card I pulled for what was blocking my solar plexus, which is of course about motivation and action.  (When I do these readings I usually use elemental forces of creation deck – which is a deck about the sacred element Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit.  Working with the elements is always a life-enhancing experience)

The card I pulled for blocking my solar plexus chakra was an Air card – soaring.  It took me a little while to connect with what this meant.  When I exercise, I don’t feel like I am soaring, I feel more like I am a baby elephant stomping my way through the exercises.  Of course, this doesn’t give me much motivation to want to get up and exercise.  The card for balancing this chakra was the Fire card – Spark.  This card told me that I should just begin even if it is just a tiny movement on the first day and just keep doing a little bit every day as the spark would grow and become a flame. As the spark grows instead of feeling like an elephant, I can soar like an eagle and start to enjoy my exercise, but it all starts by just taking a small action.

Depending on the issue for the reading the cards for the solar plexus will answer the question

What is stopping me taking action/ being motivated/ feeling confident/feeling empowered about this issue?

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