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Throat Chakra

Number: Fifth Chakra

Location: Over the throat, in the centre of the neck

Basic issues: Self-expression, truth and creativity

Colour: Light Blue

Mantra: Ham

Musical note G

The right to speak and be heard

Throat Chakra

In the lower three chakras, we are pretty much running on unconscious programming and stuck in the world of mass consciousness, feeling on some level we have to fit in to survive.  We use our will and power to make our way in the world, pushed around by pleasure and pain.  We are trying to survive or thrive, in a world we see as competitive and often against us.  We feel we have to fight for what we want.  It can be us against the world, and we are driven by self-interest and taking care of only those we feel are on our side.

In the throat chakra, we awaken to the power of vibration where we can learn to play in the world on an energetic level. We no longer have to fit in as we become aware of our authentic self and a higher level of truth.  It is here we start to sense our higher purpose, and self-expression through creativity becomes important.   We start to communicate with others on a whole new level.  We become less judgmental and more open to listen to the ideas of others.  We enter a place where we can see the truth in conflicting opinions.  Instead of blindly following dogma, we can pick and choose from many ideas and religions and develop something that feels right to us while allowing others to have a truth different from ours.  We no longer have to prove ourselves right, and we become gentler more open beings.

It is an interesting experience when your throat chakra first opens; the world is no longer black and white, it is all shades of grey.  Well, not even shades of grey, it becomes multi-coloured with infinite possibilities.  And you find yourself on unknown ground, before you could easily say what you thought was right and wrong but now you take a step back seeing both sides as interesting and possible valid. Of course, there are still lines in the sand that you will draw – like abuse in any form is not good but you will start to wonder about the bigger picture,

You can also find yourself eager to explore different aspects of the world you may never have had an interest in before.  You could take up a new hobby or start studying astronomy as you develop a new interest in everything around you and want to learn your truth about how things and yourself work.

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